Friday, 29 April 2011

More reviews

Major Giles Brandon-Forbes-Smythe writes: It's all very well one reviewer telling us how wonderful you are, but for all we know that reviewer could be your Aunt Mildred writing from her cell in the asylum. Pull yourself together, man, and give us some more reviews to look at.

Brian replies: I understand, Major; Aunt Mildred does do such things unless electrified twice a week. But worry no more, for two other reviews of me have now arisen, both, I'm happy to say, positive. The first is an review which all the world can read here:

The second is in issue 22 of the UK Horror magazine Black Static. To read the full review you'd have to buy a copy of Black Static, but to give you a taster here's an idea of what was said:

: "…the gentle humour that informs this work, the self-mocking way the characters have about them and the beguiling prose with which Pirie captures their actions and attitudes." and "…you marvel at Pirie's ingenuity and his ability to continually find some phrasing that will put a smile on the most curmudgeonly of faces…"

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