Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Another year ended!

Of course, seeing as I'm barely two weeks old, I don't really know what that means. But even though my ink is still damp, there've been kind people saying nice things about me and my predecessor, Donald. Brings a tear to my eye, it does.

So, I wish you a wonderful 2011. May all your dreams come true…

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Mrs Peterson from Stoke on Trent writes: I know you're only an inanimate book, Brian, but I'm as mad as a muffin, so I'd like to wish you all the good will of the season.

Brian writes: Yes, Mrs Peterson, you clearly are a bit touched. But a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, anyway. And the same to all my readers wherever you are. Here's hoping 2011 is everything you want it to be.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Preview, anyone?

Mrs Dawson from Aberdeen writes: Brian, I'm a terrible cheapskate, and I couldn't possibly consider buying you without first reading your opening thirty or so pages. Is there anywhere I can have a preview of what you're about?

Brian answers: Yes, Mrs Dawson, you clearly are a tight-fisted Trollope of the worst sort. However, I did anticipate people like you would show up, and I have indeed posted the first thirty or so of my pages for your perusal at Click on the 'Burying Brian' link to find them.

I think, therefore I am...

I'm here at last. This is me, front and back: handsome devil, eh?

I'm published by Immanion Press on the 14th of December, 2010.